If you googled this article then you are likely looking for some answers to help you with your API issues. Many explanations of APIs rely on complex terminology or technical phrases that obstruct initial understanding. I will keep this article light in order to make it easily understandable for all experience levels.

To start with, you will need to know some specific terminology as it will be repeated throughout, some of which may be new concepts.

API (Application Programming Interface) acts as an intermediary between different programs. You could imagine it like the wire that connects two pieces of hardware…

If you’re reading this, then chances are you have already heard the term ORM. For those of you who happened here by chance, an ORM is defined as ‘Object Relational Mapping’. Which in short, are an alternative method to traditional SQL queries for relational database management. Think of them as a translator from our preferred type of code to another.

This article will briefly break down the benefits of ORMs within the development process and how the most popular of these current ORM libraries can increase the efficiency of your JavaScript-based app.

A basic SQL query might look something like…

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